Global Nursing

Global Nursing Fellowship Program

The Global Nursing Fellowship Program offers short-term fellowships to provide didactic instruction and clinical mentorship based on requests for specific clinical expertise from our partners. Fellows foster a sense of commitment to the global nursing community, elevate the role of nurses in delivering clinical care, and provide fundamental nursing education to advance nursing practice.


MGH Global Nursing works with clinical department leadership to identify nurses interested in living and teaching with our partners for up to three months. Priority for placement is given to nurses at least three years post‐licensure and who have been employed in their current service for at least two years. A demonstrated ability to work across and within diverse cultures and resource‐scarce settings is preferred. For more information about the Fellowship, contact the Global Nursing Program:

Meet the Fellows

Nursing Fellow: Bethany Groleau

Bethany Groleau, RN from the Lunder 9 oncology unit at MGH was awarded the first Global Nursing Fellowship in 2016.  Groleau spent six weeks in Uganda teaching basic oncology nursing skills and safe chemotherapy administration at the Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital Cancer Clinic nurses. On being awarded her Fellowship, Groleau said, “I am so excited for this opportunity, I feel like this was an extension of my nursing, a way to give to others and something that was so much greater than myself.”

Nursing Fellow: Sara Groves

Sara Groves, MPH, MSN, DrPH has more than 40 years of experience in public health and public health nursing, including 14 years working in Brazil, Haiti, and Uganda. As a Global Nursing Fellow at the Mbarara University of Science & Technology Department of Nursing, Groves participated in clinical research, supported clinical teaching, and taught program implementation and evaluation. Groves received nursing degrees from University of Iowa and Boston University, her doctorate in international public health from Columbia University, and has over 30 publications in areas of international practice.

Nursing Fellow: Sophia Harden

Sophia Harden, RN was selected as a Global Nursing Fellow to provide skin and wound care teaching and mentoring to hospital staff and university nursing students at the Mbarara University of Science & Technology in Uganda. Harden currently works in the MGH Phillips House where her expertise in wound care led her to be named as the unit’s Wound Care Champion. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Partners in Excellence award for her role with the Phillips House nursing staff.